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Secure payment transactions
E-commerce trading floor Yellow Pages does not provide online-online payment payment facilities, so all transactions will take place in the traditional form of direct payment at the office or bank transfer. row.
The reason Yellow pages do not offer online payment is because this method is currently quite risky and controlling the security system is very expensive. The yellow pages also recommend that customers when deciding to conduct a direct transaction with the seller and then agree to pay, if there is an online payment form, consider carefully before proceeding.
Measures to ensure technical safety for transactions
- Set up an information system for payment activities to ensure online connection 24 (twenty-four) hours a day and 7 (seven) days a week. System downtime for maintenance should not exceed 12 (twelve) hours for each maintenance and must be notified in advance to customers;
- Encrypt information and use security protocols to ensure that information is not disclosed on the transmission line;
- Deploy applications capable of detecting, warning and preventing illegal access and forms of attacks in the network environment to the information system serving their online payment activities;
- There are plans to control the right to access the system, the right to exit and enter the place where the information system equipment is located to serve their online payment activities:
An enterprise's network system exists in two forms: an area with computers that can access the Internet, and a working area where only computers can access the internal network. Control access between the two areas mentioned above with a fingerprint or magnetic card system, ensuring that only authorized persons can enter these two areas.
Implement more 802.1x authentication solutions to authenticate users when they want to access the network.
Deploy centralized management under the Domain Controller system and policies according to the Policy that prohibits Admin rights to restrict users from installing software and performing unauthorized acts beyond their rights.
Deployment of Data Lost Prevention data loss control system to control data in and out on email system, copy to external storage device... Control Web access by NTLM authentication proxy with Domain account.
- Having a process and system for backing up and recovering data when the information system serving payment activities has problems, ensuring the backup of payment data to information carriers or online backup of all data. Whether;
- Store data about each payment transaction according to the time limit specified in the Law on Accounting;
- In case the customer pays before purchasing goods and services, the customer's payment must be kept at payment service providers and the customer must be provided with a tool to track the payment balance. your math on the system.
- Disclosure policy on security of payment information for customers.
When each customer visits the website, the website automatically saves the IP address along with the domain name..
Yellow pages also use auditing tools such as “cookies”. A cookie account will store data that the website's server sends to the customer's browser when the customer visits the website.
The yellow pages also combine information about a customer's IP address and domain name along with other information provided by the customer. This information is provided through emails sent by customers
Yellow pages, or the information customers fill in when they want to register, give feedback, request support, respond to a survey or participate in a contest/promotional activity.
E-commerce trading floor Yellow Pages commits to make efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system. However, in the event of a problem caused by the Yellow Pages' fault, the Yellow Pages will immediately apply measures to ensure the interests of shoppers.
When performing transactions on the Exchange, members are required to strictly follow the instructions.
Management Board of E-commerce trading floor Yellow pages is committed to providing the best quality of service to members participating in transactions. In case there is a technical error, software error or other objective errors leading to the Member's inability to participate in the transaction, the Members shall notify the Executive Board of the E-commerce trading floor according to the support information below the website.
The Management Board of the E-commerce trading floor Yellow Pages will not be responsible for handling in the event that the notices of the Members do not reach the Management Board, arising from technical errors, transmission errors, software errors or other errors. not caused by the Management Board.
Protect customer personal information
The main data collection on the e-commerce floor The yellow pages include: company name, legal representative director's name, email, phone, username, login password, customer address... This is the information that Yellow Pages need customers to complete when registering a business. Therefore:
- Customers will be solely responsible for the security and storage of all service use activities under their registered name, password and email box. It is the responsibility of the customer to promptly notify the E-Commerce Exchange Yellow Pages about unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties in order to take appropriate remedial measures.
- Customer's personal information on Yellow Pages is committed to absolute confidentiality by Yellow Pages in accordance with Yellow Pages' personal information protection policy. The collection and use of information of each customer is only done with the consent of that customer, unless otherwise provided for by law.
- Customers have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by themselves through the login tool in the members area on the Floor or ask the E-commerce trading floor to do this.
- Customers have the right to send complaints about the seller to the Administration Board of the Yellow Pages E-commerce Exchange. When receiving these feedbacks, Yellow Pages will confirm the information, the case is as reflected by the buyer depending on the extent, Yellow Pages will take timely handling measures.
In addition, to ensure the rights and respects of customers' privacy, Yellow Pages will:
-Do not use customers' personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to transactions at Yellow Pages.
-Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the customer's personal information without the consent of the customer.
- Responsible for cooperating in providing personal information of customers upon request from judicial authorities including: Procuracy, court, investigative police agency related to certain law violations. of cutomer. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on customers' personal information.
- Customer's personal data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or the customer logs in and cancels. Remaining in all cases, personal information of customers will be kept confidential on the server of Yellow Pages.
- In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of customer personal data, Yellow Pages will be responsible for reporting the case to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. let customers know.
- Absolute confidentiality of all online transaction information of customers including invoice and accounting information, digitized documents at the level 1 secure central data area of ​​Yellow Pages.
Settlement of disputes and complaints to protect customers' interests
Yellow Pages Floor Management requires sellers to always provide up-to-date accurate information and is subject to Yellow Pages verification at all times. Any false information, if found, will be removed and possibly permanently removed from the Yellow Pages
Buyers have the right to send complaints directly and claim compensation to relevant sellers in case the goods and services provided by the promotional traders do not meet the quality standards as announced.
The Yellow Pages are always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at the Yellow Pages website.
The Yellow Pages respect and seriously implement the provisions of the law on protecting the interests of customers (consumers). Therefore, it is suggested that the partners/sellers who provide products and services on the floor provide full, accurate, honest and detailed information related to products, goods and services. All acts of fraud and fraud in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.
    We publicize the mechanism for resolving disputes arising during transactions on the Yellow Pages e-commerce exchange. When a consumer purchases goods or services that arise in conflict with the seller or harm their legitimate interests, the Yellow Pages will provide consumers with the seller's registration information immediately upon receipt of the request. of the buyer, actively supporting consumers to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
    The yellow pages publicize the dispute settlement mechanism and process for the parties involved: dispute settlement according to the agreed exchange mechanism, the involved parties will follow the indirect exchange process. by phone, confirm documents by email, if there is still no agreement, it will be resolved through face-to-face meeting to concretize the problem, thoroughly resolve the conflict between the parties in the most beneficial way.
    Parties including partners/sellers, buyers and Yellow Pages will have to play a responsible role in actively resolving the issue. The seller should be responsible for providing documents certifying the information related to the event that is causing conflict to the customer. For Yellow Pages, it will be the responsibility of the arbitrator to listen to and receive information from customers (in specific cases, we will: ask customers to be responsible for providing accurate information. and tangible information about the arising conflict that needs to be resolved that the customer has found himself harmed) and the seller provided, and then conducts a review and clearly states and analyzes which party is at fault. Consult on the agreement on the level of indemnification of the two parties and conclude the dispute settlement in the most satisfactory way.
    In the event that the transaction arises a conflict and the seller is at fault: The Yellow Pages will have a warning measure, if the offense is repeated in fraudulently providing goods to the customer, the Yellow Pages will terminate and remove all of that seller's products from the Yellow Pages and ask the seller to adequately reimburse the customer on the basis of an agreement with the customer.
If for some objective reason the transaction arises a conflict that cannot be resolved, cannot conclude that the fault belongs to either party, the Yellow Pages will be responsible for standing out to compensate the other party. damage 100% of the order value within 7 days from the date of receiving the notice of the damaged party. After that, Yellow Pages will work with the party causing the damage to adequately ensure the interests of the victim. And all legal related liability information will be handled by Yellow Pages themselves as the owner of the E-commerce floor Yellow Pages with competent authorities without involving customers.
If through an agreement, it is still not possible to resolve the conflict arising from the transaction, the Yellow Pages will ask a competent legal authority to intervene to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties, especially for customers.
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