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Vietnam Yellow Pages is the largest and best channel for providing business information, connecting trade and promoting trade in Vietnam. Currently providing information of more than 260.000 businesses nationwide, divided into more than 4.000 industries and more than 1.000.0000 products and services through the Product System Yellow pages include::
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Yellow Pages Advertisements

Listing advertising: Display first and most prominently in the business field, post company logo, text line to introduce products and services, attach sponsor logo,...
Banner ads: Stand out and attract quickly with images of main products and services that you want to emphasize advertising, display ads in 63 provinces and cities, suitable for businesses nationwide.
Advertising in special locations: The highest ad display position, the most visible, displaying ads in 63 provinces and cities, suitable for businesses nationwide.
Home page banner ads: Featured right on the homepage, helping all businesses reach quickly.

Advertiser benefits

Advertised on all Yellow Pages products including the Yellow Pages website system and Yellow Pages Book;
Reasonable costs Only from 1 - 3 million / 1 year.
Advertising content will be developed and edited with a focus on the main products and services of the business. Posted 20 - 25 products with detailed introduction and highly optimized results on Google
Support to post advertisements on the website English Yellow Pages and English Books when businesses have business, international trade or with foreign enterprises in Vietnam
Free website design for advertising businesses including: Free design, free maintenance, free domain name, own content management account, free technical support

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More than 260,000 businesses nationwide have signed up for the Yellow Pages.
More than 300,000 visits/day to find service providers, business partners

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Free company introduction, address, tel, fax, email, website,...
Products and services, product images, capacity profiles, .. full details like a website.

Show the highest, get access to customers soonest.
More prominently, attach sponsor logo, company logo, advertising text line. Bonus website design.

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